School Readiness Checklist

Are you currently wondering whether your child is actually ready for school next year?

Do you have a child whose date of birth falls into that tricky grey area at the start of the year, where you do actually have the option to send them “early”?

The decision about when, and where, to start your child’s learning journey can be a tricky one for parents. Most parents, at some stage, do question whether their child is actually ready or not and always wonder if now is the best time to start that journey.

The decision to start school cannot be based solely on academics. There is so much more to a child’s development than just their ability to count to 10, write their name, say the letters of the alphabet and know colours.

School Readiness actually refers to a much broader range of skills. In addition to some academic basics, school readiness skills also include self care (independent toileting and opening lunch boxes), attention and concentration, physical skills (e.g – having the endurance to sit upright for an entire school day), emotional regulation, language skills, play and social skills.

You want your child to be ready to learn, thrive and accept challenges when they start school, rather than them ‘just coping’ with the whole experience.

GRAB a copy of our School Readiness Checklist.We have provided information to consider or questions to ask yourself if you are wondering about school at the moment.


Without knowing and observing your child, obviously I cannot determine whether your child is ready for school. However, as a primary teacher I have put some things together for you to consider which should help you make an informed decision. This document should not be used as a formal assessment to make your final decision.

We run a School Readiness program in Safety Beach for children that will be attending school in 2021. Click here to learn more about our program.

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