The Benefits of Sensory Writing

During our Pre-Kinder Monkey Minds sessions we use shaving cream for our sensory tray.

It is such a fun way for your monkey to learn how to copy, create lines swirls, zig zags, write letters and numbers. You can also do this activity with your school aged children and get them to practise their sight words and spelling. Perfect activity for all ages.

Do you know the benefits of sensory writing?

  • Sensory writing trays encourage our kids to explore, create, build, learn and play in meaningful, fun, and hands-on ways.
  • Sensory trays can support and build academic skills your child is working on in an engaging way.
  • Both pre-writing skills and writing skills are strengthened without using paper and pencil every time.

Supplies needed:                     

  • Baking tray
  • Shaving cream
  • Paper towels/wipes for clean up
  • Alphabet/ pre- writing cards Sight words/spelling words if applicable
  • Pop stick for writing (good way to encourage children if they don’t want to get ‘messy’)

Toddlers can practise mark making and pre-writing skills:

  • Doodle
  • Create pictures
  • Draw straight lines
  • Draw curvy lines
  • Make zigzags
  • Explore the sensory aspects of shaving cream

Preschoolers and early primary aged children can practise letter formation:

  • Write letters they know
  • Write the letters in their name
  • Copy a letter you show them
  • Write a letter you ask them to draw
  • Write a letter to a sound you give them
  • Write the alphabet in order

Children learning to read can practise spelling:

  • Write sight words
  • Write simple consonant-vowel-consonant words like cat, sun and big
  • Write more complex words with long vowels or blends
  • Write spelling words
  • Practice cursive writing

Children can practise maths skills:

  • Write numbers in order
  • Write the number you give them
  • Count objects then write that number
  • Practice math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division

There are countless ways you can incorporate learning with a shaving cream writing tray. We hope you’ll give some of our suggestions a try. Tag us @monkeymindsau if you are game enough…trust us, the kids will have a ball, but just make sure you have some paper towel handy 🤭

Much love,

Jenna  xx

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