Sensory play with limited mess!

We all know the AMAZING benefits of sensory play for our little ones, but we cringe at the mess. We feel your pain, we hate mess too. That’s why today we are sharing with you a few of our ‘tried & tested’ methods for helping to keep the mess contained and a little more under control.

  • Put a picnic rug under the sensory play. The plastic backing ensures no mess gets through to your flooring. We love our ones from #kmartau because they go through the washing machine so well.


  • Complete the sensory play in an empty bath/shower

  • Under bed storage containers are genius, because they are long enough to have more than one child playing at them, plus you can put the lid on when your done playing
  • When playing with water beads or rice, tape pool noodles to the floor in a square around the playing area. This ensures the mess doesn’t scatter or roll all over your house

  • Clam shells also come in really handy for sensory play as you can easily bring half inside and set it up with really messy stuff like bubble foam, shaving cream or paint 🎨
  • Go outside
  • Lay a shower curtain, king size sheet or old table cloth down on the floor first – these will also wash well in your washing machine when you’re done
  • Put your children in old clothes or put an apron/art smock on them
  • Put your sensory play in a smaller tray and then put this in a larger tray to help catch any spills

Extra tips we have found useful:

  • Use water-based paints because they’re easier to wash off skin, clothes and furniture.
  • Set clear rules about what children can and cannot do with the play materials. Tell them to keep the sand outside or the playdough on the table.
  • Supervise – Children making mess can get lost in the moment and forget the rules. They’ll likely need you to be nearby reminding them.
  • Can I limit the amount of things I put out, yet still make it fun & beneficial? Because, let’s face it, when it comes to kids, the more you put out for them, the more mess they will inevitably make.


Relax, smile and remember there is magic happening behind the mess!


Water beads are one of our favourite activities because they not only help develop sensory skills, but they are actually a really calming sensory tool.

You can head over to our shop to purchase yours today! It won’t be long until you can buy playdough and rainbow rice from us too! Yay!

If you haven’t read our previous blog post about the Benefits of sensory play, click here to read now!

We hope these little ideas and tips have been helpful, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot us an email.

Much love,

Jenna  xx

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