What are water beads and how do they promote learning?

Have you ever heard of water beads? These have been a very popular product here at Monkey Minds, because more and more people are finding out how wonderful they are for sensory play. Children learn by engaging one or all of their senses (sight, smell. touch, taste and hearing). Even newborn babies begin life by using their senses to learn and make connections about the world.

What are water beads?

Water beads are non-toxic, polymer beads that swell when put in water. Adult supervision is always required for use with small children in order to avoid any potential choking hazards. Hands should always be washed prior to handling the beads.

The water beads begin as tiny pin head sized balls of plastic. Add 1 litter of water to one packet of 10g water beads. The water is absorbed over 6-8 hours! Incredible right? Be mindful that they do take time to ‘grow’, however this is a great opportunity for children to observe the changes that happen over time.


*Note: Two bags of our water beads swells and makes enough for your child to use in a Kmart play tray*

Water beads promote learning and development in a wonderful variety of ways.

They can be used to develop:

      • Fine motor skills
      • Coordination
      • Exploration
      • Colour knowledge
      • Sensory development and
      • Creativity

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When you are finished playing with them, pour them into a container and cover with water. When you are ready to use them again, simply pour the water beads through a strainer to drain the water away.

If correctly cared for, the water beads can last up to 12 months, but when you are finished with them, you can crush them up and scatter them on your garden.

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Do you want some great ways to encourage creative play and learning with our wonderful water beads?


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