We started Monkey Minds as a way to support parents and teachers with their child’s learning journey.

We understand that you want the best for your child. That is why at Monkey Minds we not only provide resources for you to use at home, but we also offer Montessori, Reggio Emilia inspired classes that children can attend on a weekly basis.

During these sessions children will have the opportunity to develop all those important skills they require before starting school.

Child learning to write
Children playing on floor

As early years teachers we have seen first hand how difficult the first year of school can be if children lack fundamental skills coming into the classroom. These skills are not just academically based, but socially, emotionally and physically as well.

We are extremely passionate about Early Years Education and empowering little minds to be kind, curious, independent learners.

Since having our own children, we have thoroughly enjoyed using our skills as teachers to help develop a love for learning in our kids from such a young age. One thing we have noticed is that not all parents have these skills and are often asking us what can they, or what should they, be doing with their child at home.

As parents we want to be giving our children the best possible start at life and we all want to be able to provide them with fun, playful and engaging things to do.

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