As an Early Years educator I believe that a love of learning begins long before a child enters the classroom. From the moment a baby can move, play is the main way in which they learn and develop. Having the skills to foster their creativity and imagination is so important and so powerful.

Jenna Clayton of Monkey Minds

Jenna Clayton

Jenna is a qualified primary school teacher, with a Masters in Primary Teaching from Melbourne University. She specialises in Early Years Education and spent the majority of her career teaching in Prep. Jenna has always been passionate about teaching the whole child. From early on in her career she saw a need to ensure that children are able to move through the different phases of education in a way that meant they were socially and emotionally supported. As a result, during her years in Prep, Jenna worked closely with local kindergartens to create a specialised Transition Program that enabled kindergarten children to have a smooth and seamless transition into school.

Jenna has always adopted a hands-on approach to education, allowing for a more creative and open-ended learning experience. She believes that student engagement is increased when children get to be a part of their own learning and when they are able to make connections between themselves and their world through play. This style of learning, enables children to become critical thinkers, to move outside of their comfort zone and to develop not only their academic abilities, but their social, emotional and physical skills as well.

Jenna is a proud mum of two girls (5.5 and 4 years old) who is passionate about playing, exploring and having fun with her kids. Four years ago Jenna and her husband took the plunge and moved to the Mornington Peninsula. Her four loves (apart from her family) are the beach, wine, coffee and getting a sweat up at the gym.

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