Welcome to Monkey Minds!

We are excited to share our Pre-Kinder and School Readiness programs with you. With us, your child has the opportunity to develop a love for learning through play-based, hands-on activities.

Term Dates 2021

  • Term 1 : 3rd February – 1st April
  • Term 2 : 19th April – 25th June
  • Term 3 : 12th July – 17th September
  • Term 4 : 4th October – 17th December


2 Carrigg Street, Dromana, 3936

It is a 1 minute stroll to picturesque beach front and just a 2 minute walk to the local shops and cafes. If you really want to treat yourself, then you can drive less than 5 minutes out to Arthur’s Seat and Red Hill to enjoy a quiet morning tea at the local cafes.


To confirm enrolment, you must complete online enrolment form and upload your child’s immunisation record. Payment must be made to the bank details below, no later than 1 week prior to the commencement of your child’s first session. A payment plan is also available upon request.

Account Information: Monkey Minds
National Australia Bank
BSB: 083 004
Account #: 80 060 8145
Reference: Name and Surname of child attending.

Parents, guardians and carers should be aware that they are JOINTLY liable for the cost of enrolment, and any debts or short payments will be pursued in respect of both parties.


If you are sick, stay at home. If you or your child have symptoms of a cold, flu or fever do not attend. If children appear to have a runny nose or a cough during the session you will be contacted to collect them. Due to the high number of Covid-19 cases within the area, in order for your child to attend our classes again, you must test your child and provide Monkey Minds with a negative test result.

Cancellation of Classes

Monkey Minds endeavours to run classes each week of the school term. However, if we should need to cancel a class, parents will be notified by email/text message in advance. Monkey Minds reserves the right to cancel classes without refund in extenuating circumstances which may be out of our control (eg. floods, fire, accident, etc).

Makeup lessons

If you need to isolate due for 7-14 days but Monkey Minds is still in operation you won’t be entitled to a make up session, credit or refund.

  • Make up lessons are available for lessons missed due to illness, provided all booked lessons are paid for in full.
  • Prior notice of 24 hours must be received to be entitled to a makeup lesson. Make up lessons are subject to availability. We cannot guarantee to provide any make up classes if there are no places available. Make up classes must be redeemed in that term, they are not transferrable to another term.
  • If you are away because your child unwell, you must provide a negative covid test result before they can attend our classes again.
  • Make up lessons are not available for our Calm Kids program as it is a 6 week course where each session builds on the knowledge and content of the one prior.

Holidays / Public Holidays

Monkey Minds will not run on public holidays. In the event that one of your sessions falls on a public holiday, your fees for the term will be adjusted accordingly.

Health & Safety

Every effort will be made by the educators to ensure children are able to play, learn and be cared for in a safe and secure environment. Our educators are committed to the protection and physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing of your child. This includes their protection in our venues. The venues Monkey Minds operates from maintain a level of safety and upkeep which is regularly reviewed by Monkey Minds owners and follows all rules put out by our insurance provider.

Children will remain in the designated room for the entirety of the class, with the exception of attending the bathrooms with a Monkey Minds educator. Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle and a lunch box with a small fruit snack. We will sit together as a group and have our morning tea within the middle of the class. Please ensure only water is brought and that fruit is cut appropriately. To minimise risk of allergic reactions please do not send any nut or egg based products.


If you are dropping off and collecting your child from Monkey Minds, you Do NOT need to be double vaccinated for Covid-19. However, if you are staying on site for the duration of the service, it is mandatory that you are double vaccinated and provide your certificate to staff.

Late Fee

Please ensure you are there for pick up. This will allow for a proper clean and sanitise before the next group enters.

If delayed in collecting a child, parents/carers should contact staff and advise the time they will arrive. An additional fee is applicable for late collection of children. This is set at $10.00 for the first ten minutes and $1.00 per minute thereafter.


ALL Parents/carers are required to wear masks at drop off and pick up.

Enter and Exit

Parents are to enter via the lift and exit down via the stairs to allow for one way traffic. Please do not congregate directly in the foyer.  

Positive Covid-19 Case

Please ensure you notify Monkey Minds straight away if you have been to an exposure site, are considered a primary or secondary contact for Covid-19, or are positive for Covid-19 yourself. 

Negative to return

If you or your child are considered a primary or secondary contact for Covid-19, or anyone in your household are positive for Covid-19, you must follow the health guidelines – test and isolate accordingly. In order for your child to attend our classes again, you must test your child and provide Monkey Minds with a negative test result.


If there is a primary Covid-19 case at Monkey Minds and we are forced to close then all Pre-Kinder, School Readiness and Calm Kids programs will be run online via zoom – no refunds, credits or make up classes will be provided.

Medical Information

Please ensure any medical or allergy information is noted in your child’s enrolment form. This will be taken into consideration at snack time. Any incidents that may occur are recorded in an illness/ injury report and provided to all families, and we investigate each issue to make changes to practice or the physical environment where necessary.

If your child requires medical treatment, other than first aid, and we are unable to contact you, we may seek assistance from hospital or emergency services. This could include contacting the identified emergency contact for the child, or calling emergency services. It is important that information about your emergency contact and authorised nominee list is up-to-date at all times.

To minimise the risk of transmission of infectious disease, our procedures focus on the quick and effective response to a suspected or identified infectious disease. In the case of a suspected or confirmed infectious disease, Monkey Minds works with families and medical practitioners to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children attending our program. Children diagnosed with infectious disease will be excluded from the program using the guidelines in ‘Staying Healthy’ or until medical clearance has been provided.

We are unable to administer any medications, except for EpiPens and Ventolin.

If your child has Anaphylaxis, you are required to sign in/sign out an EpiPen, along with a copy of their Action Plan, with the educator every session.

If your child has Asthma, you are required to sign in/sign out their Ventolin and spacer, along with a copy of their Action Plan, with the educator every session.

Child Protection

Monkey Minds is absolutely committed to providing a safe, healthy and respectful environment for children. A copy of our Child Protection Policy and Child Risk Management Strategy is included in your enrolment pack and will also be provided on request. Monkey Minds has enacted a Code of Conduct for its employees. Any allegations of breaches of the Code of Conduct should be discussed with Jenna or Cara immediately.

Monkey Minds considers itself a “mandatory reporter” under the child protection legislation of Victoria. Reports of suspected harm caused by physical or sexual abuse will be reported to the Northern or Southern divisions of Child Protective Services and may also be reported to Police. Parents must ensure that ALL persons who may wish to collect children from the service are detailed on the enrolment form. Staff will not release a child from the service to any person not registered on the enrolment form.

Parent Involvement

The program encourages independence, school readiness skills and experiences. Therefore, we discourage parents from attending our classes as we are promoting the development of confidence and resilience to prepare them for school.

Social Media

Monkey Minds have accounts through Facebook Monkey Minds Au and Instagram @monkeymindsau. We would love for you to like and follow these pages. Weekly class details and developmental information will be posted to these pages. We will also advise of any class cancellations on both of these mediums. If you do NOT wish your child to be photographed or used for social media or advertising please select this on your child’s enrolment form.

Photos & Video

Photography/video will be taken occasionally during Monkey Minds classes. This footage may be used for advertising and social media purposes. Please advise us through the enrolment form if you would prefer your child to not be featured.


Monkey Minds cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of damage to any personal items. We encourage parents to remove any jewellery or valuable items from their children prior to them attending classes. This keeps both your child and our educators safe.